About the comapny

JSC “TOKSA” trades high-quality infection control products, medical equipment and disposable medical equipment.

Safe patients, satisfied hospital staff and a wish to help are basis of our activity. Financial stability of our company enables us to meet the customer’s requirements, so we always find the best solution. We keep our obligations, evaluate trust and expect the same from our customers.

The best promotion for us is s satisfied customer! We are sure everything that is invincible for one person can be overcome together and we can do even more with our partners. We can ensure innovations and highest quality of products while developing and efficiently improving infection prevention products thanks to the experience obtained by our partners (“know-how”). Cooperating with big manufacturers, JSC “TOKSA” has a chance to provide modern products meeting all the requirements of quality standards in Lithuania and other countries.

The mission of JSC“TOKSA” is to provide infection prevention products of the highest quality to its customers in order to reach clients maximum satisfaction.  

JSC “TOKSA” has an objective to entrench in the market and become a leader providing infection prevention production of the highest quality to its customers.

Optimal product quality and price ratio

Presentation of the products and a free trial period

A wide range constantly updated medical equipment

Various payment terms and methods

Direct delivery to the customer

Opportunity to consult and obtain additional information

JSC "TOKSA" values are collaboration, trust, flexibility, courage and ambition, the pursuit of the best results. We see our future clearly, because we know that a satisfied customer is the most important.